Dr. Monaco, an Army veteran, started working in her first animal hospital over 20 years ago as a Veterinary Assistant. Over the past 12 years, she has worn many hats as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, including positions in ER, Specialty, General Practice, and a non-profit spay-neuter group.  At her most recent company, she was able to combine her passion for practicing best medicine with her passion for team mentorship and training, as she took on the role of Medical Director for a 4-hospital practice group.

It’s no secret that the veterinary industry is facing some major challenges. The field is burdened with the highest suicide rate, is at the top of the list on burnout rates and has an overall supply shortage of doctors and licensed veterinary technicians.

Taking learnings from her Masters degrees in public health and economics, along with best practices from Fortune 500 companies, she used her position as Lead Doctor and Medical Director to help improve the culture and, ultimately the happiness, of those on her team. Driven by the purpose of helping a greater number of people in the field, and the possibility of joining a movement that would have a greater impact in the industry overall, she took the leap to go into business for herself. Dr. Monaco partnered with a small team to bring a new vision of veterinary practices to life.